The Company is engaged in the business of Trading, Consultancy, financial services and other allied services. We effectively deal with many forms of financial consultancy services and specialize in giving advice to clients on a wide range of subjects.

Services Offered

  • Project Consultancy
  • Consultancy to NGOs
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Techno-Economic Viability Studies
  • Market Survey, Research and Branding
  • Brand Launch Strategies
  • Industry Research
  • Project Report Preparation
  • Turnaround Strategies for Distressed Firms
  • Business Valuations
  • India Entry related consultancy
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Loan and Equity Syndication Services
  • Technical Collaboration and International Tie-up
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

Future Prospects

India is currently witnessing rapid changes on the economic and industrial scene. The bold initiative taken by the Government to liberalize the economy has forced individuals and business organisations to reexamine their current approaches and develop new strategies to organise and do business. Productivity and efficiency have added new importance in managing business to maintain competitive position. Individuals and organisations face new problems in the present competitive scene. It is in this context that consultancy services have become very crucial for the growth of industry and economy.

Consultancy opportunities will increase in areas like management consultancy, information technology, market research etc. The consultant will be more professional, demanding and seeking tangible results. He will get repeat orders by providing quality service followed by service guarantee. The client feedback in the market will continue to be the determinant for selection of consultants.

With the accelerated pace of economic reforms and liberalisation, powerful winds of change are sweeping through Indian organisations. The consultant must be proactive to the changes acting as an agent of change. He must adopt new work culture, attitude and ethics and constantly try to achieve competitiveness.

A consultant will have to expand his knowledgebase and ensure that it is constantly updated. In a rapidly changing world, innovations are taking place at a breath taking speed. We are observing not only obsolescence of products but also of services. A consultant must innovate new ideas and solutions for solving clients' problems. He must bring new knowledge and impart new skills to clients, interpret new theories and set new standards of performance.

A consultant must develop a close and long lasting client relations hip. He must develop a new value system in which total commitment to the client is the ultimate objective.

The value system must ensure client-satisfaction in delivering the services, maintaining work schedules, and most importantly, focusing on the client's interest at all times. The consultant will be increasingly called upon to get involved in the implementation of recommendations. In short, the relationship between a consultant and his client will be strong, intimate, facilitating and mutually beneficial

Business strategy:

As part of our strategy, we place a high priority on attracting, developing and retaining highly talented people. Our objective is to enhance our position as a leading provider of, financial consulting services. We are focused on enhancing shareholder value through pursuing strategies that increase our profitability. We have an enviable track record of successfully completing transactions for our clients. The key elements of our business strategy are as follows

Expand our business by using our brand name, core competencies and strategic relationship  

To increase our market share, we intend to continue to concentrate on providing high quality service and plan to focus on our key businesses. Other initiatives may include improving our brand visibility and enhancing our service offering for.

Expansion of our service offerings

We intend to continue expanding our range of products and services in order to increase business from our existing clients, acquire new clients and to capitalize on available opportunities.

Continuing to attract, train and retain employees

We believe a key to our success will be our ability to continue to maintain and grow a pool of strong and experienced professionals. We have been successful in building a team of talented professionals and intend to continue placing special emphasis on managing attrition and attracting highly skilled employees. We will continue to invest in the career development and training of our employees, with the objective of further enhancing their technical skills and leadership capabilities. We believe we have created the right balance of performance bonuses, proposed stock options and other incentives for our employees.

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